Notweed Paper is the first paper brand that takes advantage of the environmental problem, caused by invasive plants, and turns it into an opportunity for paper-making.

Unexpected solutions for invasive plants

Novel ecosystems across the globe are greatly altered by the thriving nature of invasive plants. Their forceful spread causes big distress to local authorities and land owners. Instead of working towards their eradication, Notweed Paper uses their abundant biomass for creating a unique line of paper products.

Paper that nurtures biodiversity

In order to protect forests and their diverse residents, we need to think of sustainable alternatives to standardised paper production. By replacing virgin wood fibers with the prospering Japanese knotweed plants, we aim to contain the spread of invasive species and foster life in our precious forests.

Together with friends we gather on degraded sites around the city and forage the feral weeds – our local source of plant fibres.

Reviving local production

The harvest is carried to the paper factory, which stands in the vicinity of our picking spots. The fibrous stems are milled into pulp and carefully crafted into paper sheets.

Treat yourself with unique paper products

Notweed Paper is a recyclable and biodegradable paper, made without any bleaching. Its sandy shades and natural textures bring an ideal opportunity to design beautiful stationary, invitations, packaging or artworks that let you expose your environmental responsibility in a distinctive and meaningful way. [ To display your contribution to green paper choices, a certificate of origin and a paper mark are included with your purchase. ]

Buy Notweed Paper and advocate for environmentally friendly paper alternatives!

Notweed Paper anatomy

Notweed Paper contains 50% of Japanese knotweed cellulose, 45% of wood cellulose and 5% of waste papers. The paper is unbleached (chlorine-free) and supports many printing techniques. 250g paper sheets are available in A2 format (420 x 594 mm 16.5 x 23.4 in). Stay tuned as 110g paper sheets are coming soon!  

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Roll with us

Notweed Paper brand is founded by a Slovenian non-profit organisation Trajna. It was set-up to support our efforts in developing proposals to invasive plants management through exploring their useful properties. You can join our team by participating at our picking events or becoming a partner of our initiative. If you are interested in setting up a Notweed Paper initiative at your place or learning about hand-paper making techniques with Japanese knotweed pulp,  drop us an email!

About Trajna

Trajna is an association for the development of sustainable design. As an interdisciplinary collective we initiate creative research, and circular economies, organise workshops and design eco-infrastructure. At the moment our focus lies in pioneering sustainable solutions for invasive plant management. Find out more. Explore the map and see our picking spots.